Handmade concertina book: 22 pages, 120x103mm. Limited edition of 30.
Construction: Inkjet print and eight hand-printed lino cuts, 2mm board, 175gsm paper, 135gsm plain and granular embossed paper, 116gsm linen embossed paper

New sheets (publication)



The narrator’s optimistic mood after changing the bedding is trailed by a series of resolute thuds; setting down a vase, a wheelie bin lid closing, and debris falling from a gaping hole in the ceiling. Their attempt to restore the orderliness of the room is negated as the room and mood deteriorate. Point-of-view is rattled through glimpses and glances, digressions and a heightened self-awareness. Recurring resolute thuds suspend any sense of finality and resolution.

New sheets (publication) is the companion work of New sheets (AV).


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Collaborative publication, printed by Gelatinprint, Glasgow. 18 x 13cm, handbound. First edition of 20 copies.

a holding place


Lydia Davies and Jess Holdengarde



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Short story, 26 pages
Book: Letterpress print on 120gsm paper, laser print on 80gsm paper, inkjet print on tracing paper, thread, 180mm x 107mm

from inside the glass vitrine



The voice ruminates over some green lighting seen in a shop front from the top deck of the bus, over multiple sightings. The text plays on the limits of this point of view; the lights seem to lack purpose for the narrator, who continues to fixate on a futile quest for clarity. Eventually, the movement of the mouth and source of the voice become disjointed, and the voice becomes dislocated through the shell of a scallop.


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Double-sided risograph print on 140gsm paper, 129mm x 177mm (open)




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Double-sided inkjet print on 40gsm paper, 297mm x 420mm (open)

an either or, a neither nor



Printed on A5 recycled paper, 148mm x 210mm

Text insert



Text insert for the ‘Image to Scale’ exhibition catalogue