Short story, 26 pages
Book: Letterpress print on 120gsm paper, laser print on 80gsm paper, inkjet print on tracing paper, thread, 180mm x 107mm

from inside the glass vitrine



The voice ruminates over some green lighting seen in a shop front from the top deck of the bus, over multiple sightings. The text plays on the limits of this point of view; the lights seem to lack purpose for the narrator, who continues to fixate on a futile quest for clarity. Eventually, the movement of the mouth and source of the voice become disjointed, and the voice becomes dislocated through the shell of a scallop.


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Double-sided risograph print on 140gsm paper, 129mm x 177mm (open)




Double-sided inkjet print on 40gsm paper, 297mm x 420mm (open)

an either or, a neither nor



Printed on A5 recycled paper, 148mm x 210mm

Text insert



Text insert for the ‘Image to Scale’ exhibition catalogue