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Personal Phrases: Choreography, Redundancy & Ventriloquy


Edited by Alice Bain, published online with MAP Magazine

This trio of short prose pieces reflect on personal phrases; the unique phrases we devise and repeat to those close to us, exploring their relationality, rhythm, currency, and the affects of their repetition and quotation.

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Part I: Choreography |  Part II: Redundancy | Part III: Ventriloquy



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Being Beside Oneself


Edited by Alice Bain, published online with MAP Magazine

‘Writing by Lydia Davies brings together a selection of short stories and segments from an eponymous essay that explores relational and narrative constructions of self through the transformative potential of souvenirs, grief and voice. Lydia is the recipient of this year’s John Calcutt Prize for Critical Writing, presented by The Glasgow School of Art in collaboration with MAP.’

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Part I | Part II | Part III


A5 loose-leaf risographs

The Naming of Things


Exhibition and publication, curated by Bryony Dawson

Sriwhana Spong / Charlie Godet Thomas / Jeanne Constantin / Sarah Tripp / Jessica Higgins / Lydia Davies / Bryony Dawson

‘The artists in this exhibition use writing as both tool and material within moving-image, sculpture and sound in order to interrogate the act of naming: its desires, textures, moods and virtual spaces; but also its complex role in the performance and construction of selfhood.’



Trio of folded risographs inside A5 translucent sleeve

a thing that remembers itself


Exhibition and publication, curated by Holly Rose O’Brien

‘The show and publication capture an ephemeral experience exploring memory as embodied, and yet more than the body, leaking and excessive, and encoded onto objects. Framed in a moment of excess, the show and publication use leftovers, residues, and waste, to pause on dim or fleeting memories. The space becomes a theatre for continual dress rehearsals, things held in a delicate balance begin to slip, rupture and blur, enacting the fragility of memory, feelings, and constructions of the self.”

“The publication traces the odyssey of rubbish and accompanies the exhibition. Writing is central to each artist’s practice and the publication includes creative writing from each artist on the themes of memory and longing.’

June Volume 1


Publication by MFA@GSA Productions

‘June Volume 1 is the inaugural publication by MFA@GSA Productions. June features work by the 2021 graduating cohort of the MFA programme at the Glasgow School of Art, compiled by Sarah Tripp, designed by Jana Parvee, and printed by Gomer Press.

June is available to purchase from Good Press and Aye Aye Books in Glasgow.’