sound + performance

This one's for the, performance 2023

This one’s for the

(2023) 20-minute live performance, Listening Party at David Dale Gallery
This one's for the, radio, 2023

This one’s for the

(2023) 1-hour radio piece, commissioned by David Dale Gallery and broadcast with Clyde Built Radio
CCA Glasgow Creative Lab residency, 2023

Vocal nonsense research

(2023 – present) an ongoing body of research into vocal nonsense, started at CCA Glasgow Creative Lab residency
Regurgitating, 2021


(2021) stereo audio, 02:54
Dog hairs, 2020

Dog hairs

(2020) stereo audio, 7:48
Birds, 2016


(2016) stereo audio, tilt sensor, 03:21


Fyxen, 2023


(2023) live reading of commissioned exhibition text for Wei Zhou’s preview, Intermedia CCA Glasgow
Let's fall in, 2023

Let’s fall in

(2023) live reading of commissioned prose, French Street Glasgow
Re spir ing, 2023

Re spir ing

(2023) recorded reading of commissioned exhibition text, GPR