Short story, 26 pages
Book: Letterpress print on 120gsm paper, laser print on 80gsm paper, inkjet print on tracing paper, thread, 180mm x 107mm

from inside the glass vitrine



The voice ruminates over some green lighting seen in a shop front from the top deck of the bus, over multiple sightings. The text plays on the limits of this point of view; the lights seem to lack purpose for the narrator, who continues to fixate on a futile quest for clarity. Eventually, the movement of the mouth and source of the voice become disjointed, and the voice becomes dislocated through the shell of a scallop.


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Stereo audio with HD video, 2 minutes 52 seconds

In her left hand, she clutched a pair of gloves



‘In her left hand, she clutched a pair of gloves’ rouses a narrative concerning selfhood, its orientation, and dispersion. Audio-visual disjunction in the work buckles into two movements; the unfolding scene depicted through the voice, and the curbed disclosure of the visual environment. The narrator recounts a banal scene in which one woman is walking up a hill and another woman is walking down the hill. The aural narrative accumulates through repetition, revision, and the dragging and tightening of pace, as one women drops her personal effects, the other conceals her hand in a glove. The slow-motion footage draws a vertiginous scene into focus.

Letterpress print on newsprint, 50cm x 140cm
HD video with stereo audio, rear projection screen, two pairs of headphones, table and two floor cushions.  16:9, 10 minutes 10 seconds

The storehouse


Produced for the 5-year anniversary of the London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Programme

Combining still and moving images of Tokyo and Glasgow, ‘The storehouse’ weaves together personal anecdotes and observations about urban landscape and landmarks that come out of, or are particular to, the geography of these two cities. The work draws on particularity, negation and approximation, through nonlinear recollections and details of urban parks, shrines, cemeteries, igneous rocks, and the blooming pink Azalea flower.

Double-sided risograph print on 140gsm paper, 129mm x 177mm (open)




8-channel HD video, 8x 24″ monitors, 8x Raspberry Pis, I-beam clamp, steel wire, octagonal frame. Silent, 7 minutes 2 seconds



The camera circles a stone basin with a cast bronze fountain of tritons and dryads at its centre. In slow motion, people congregate and perform around this exclamation point in the park. This footage is repeated and looped around an octagon of monitors, with a short delay between each.

The fountain’s design follows a pattern of enclosure and shrine common to ecclesiastical structures. ‘Monument‘ reflects on political forces residing in and moulding public space, built materialities and bodies.


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HD video with stereo audio, projection screen, wooden chair, headphones. 16:9, 6 minutes 25 seconds



Against a backdrop of a pop-up dolls house book and tiny planetary marbles on an incomplete solitaire board, the sparse voiceover ruminates over a recalled conversation, and the phrase “come full circle”. A hand spins the tiny set of the dolls house, whilst the voice contemplates the notion of a full circle in relation to the passing of time: the setting sun, childhood, life, death and rebirth.


Stereo audio on headphones, tilt sensor, Arduino and components, 3 minutes 21 seconds



The audio is triggered by a listener putting the headphones on. Using recorded narration, ‘Birds’ uses the moving time of speech and deixis to confound the speaker and listener positions in the work. The voice observes two birds looking down a hole in a tree. This image is re-thought through point of view, synonyms, association and tense; whilst shifting the language around what it attempts to describe, the voice continues to affirm; “this is absolutely what we’re talking about“.


Wood, LED bulbs, lens, model tree, stand, Arduino and components

Silver Birch


The image of a scaled silver birch model is cast by the lens of an analogue projector. The static image of the tree is present for 30 seconds and then disappears for 30 seconds on continual loop.


LED panel light, stand, speaker, audio track, Arduino and components, sensor, 57 seconds

Purple Light


A bright glaring LED light and a voiceover are triggered by the proximity of a listener. The recorded voice deliberates over a purple light shining on the underside of a tree’s branches.  The voice considers the invasive quality of constant illumination and distraction with suspicion.


Double-sided inkjet print on 40gsm paper, 297mm x 420mm (open)

an either or, a neither nor



Speaker, seven audio tracks, full rotation: 1 hour 35 minutes



Descriptions’ is a set of seven short audio works produced for ‘Juice’ exhibition in Acme Project Space, East London. From a tight corner in the room, a voice sounds out every 15 minutes from a singular speaker. Through the use of homophones, the voice issues sophistic statements where denotation and connotation slip and diverge through the multiple meanings of words.


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Japanese charcoal ink on calligraphy paper, 364mm x 257mm

If there was another piece of paper



Printed on A5 recycled paper, 148mm x 210mm

Text insert



Text insert for the ‘Image to Scale’ exhibition catalogue